Our Humanitarian Aid Program

Humanitarian aid refers to human welfare….the alleviation of human suffering through goods and services that permeate down to the individual in a wide variety of areas, including education, health care and charity—that latter of which provides necessities such as food, clothing and shelter to the underprivileged and to those in under-served areas of a community.

The UFA is proud to assist in these areas of great challenge. The positive impact we have on the lives of those who truly need our help spreads an uplifting beacon of light throughout the Ukrainian community—both in Ukraine and here at home.

What We Do...

UFA works with other organizations in providing medical equipment, supplies, educational materials and other assistance to health care centers, institutions of learning, and charities throughout Ukraine. The Kobzar Technology Project donates refurbished computers to orphans and underprivileged children. With the assistance of the Darien Book Aid Plan, Inc., we supply and distribute children’s books and reference works to rural schools and libraries.


Humanitarian AidThe UFA brings hope to Ukrainians and others around the world through helpful care and crisis response. We do this by responding to areas of challenge for Ukraine and people of Ukrainian background.


In a signing ceremony on October 21, 2008, the Kobzar Society formally transferred its successful eight-year Computers for Ukraine Program to the Ukrainian Federation of America. The transfer took place at UFA offices in Elkins Park, PA, with documents being signed by Kobzar Society President Orest J. Hanas and UFA Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Roman Cybriwsky.

Computers1Since it was founded in 2000 in Lehighton, PA, the Kobzar Society provided more than 1,000 refurbished computers to about 130 secondary and primary schools, libraries and orphanages in smaller towns and villages in Crimea and 23 oblasts in Ukraine. The Federation will continue and expand the mission of the Kobzar Society with special focus on serving the educational and medical needs of underprivileged children. Computers will be shipped individually and in bulk via overseas containers depending on the requirements of each project. Our goals are to establish computer labs and distance learning programs as well as equipment refurbishing and distribution centers in each oblast in Ukraine.

Since the transfer, the effort is now known as the “Kobzar Technology Project.” Walter Maruschak, Director of UFA’s Humanitarian Program has taken responsibility for directing this work.

The Ukrainian Federation of America congratulates the Kobzar Society for its outstanding humanitarian work. We are proud to continue their tradition and ask the community to join and support us in this “make-a-difference” effort.


Lviv Institute of Management is an international private accredited educational institution located in Western Ukraine, that is a governmentally licensed higher education institution offering studies in preparation for achievement of Bachelor Degrees, and various areas of post-graduate Master’s Degrees (MBA) in business, founded in 1990. The institute offers co-operative education programs where students can both attend classes as well as work at companies during their educational program gaining not just classroom knowledge, but also real world business experience.

Lviv Institute of Management has, for almost 25 years, offered higher education in specialties of business management and marketing. Lviv Institute of Management boasts professors from many nations and cultivates international business relations, particularly with a focus on best Western and world based business practices. Many of the graduates of Lviv Institute of Management have gone on to high level jobs leading many of Ukraine’s and other international businesses largest and most respected companies, many on the European Fortune 100 list as well as on Ukraine’s Top 100 business list.