Our Arts & Culture Program

While there are a myriad of quantifiable ways to learn about a country and its people, there is perhaps no better way to fully comprehend the breadth and depth of a society than through its arts and culture.

Rich in talent and influential in scope, the essence of the Ukrainian people can best be understood and appreciated through generations and generations of acclaimed artists, dancers, authors and singers.

By honoring the gifts of the past and actively promoting the newness of the present, the UFA is proud to promote the quintessential uniqueness that embodies everything “Ukraine.”

What We Do...

UFA sponsors and organizes events that showcase Ukrainian arts and promote cultural exchanges between Ukrainians and the global community. Our organization has a long-term relationship with the internationally acclaimed Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, based in Philadelphia, which has been recognized by the Pew Charitable Trusts for its artistic mission and excellence.


Chornobyl – Through The Eyes of Tania D’Avignon – A Photographic Exhibit

Photographer Tania D’Avignon is an artist, author, journalist, and Fulbright Fellow. In 1996 she served as consultant to the National Geographic Society. She escorted journalists and visitors to the Chornobyl Dead Zone.

The works have been exhibited in major cities of Ukraine, USA, Canada, and throughout Europe. Her work has appeared in international and national publications, and various photographic anthologies.


UFA Sponsored Literary Presentations

The UFA sponsors and organizes various literary presentations by esteemed Ukrainian and other authors on subjects dealing with Ukraine, it’s history, culture, people, as well as topics of interest to Ukrainians and others. Literary presentations often will showcase readings by the authors, as well as discussions between the author and the audience. The literary presentations are designed to both inform, educate and connect others, as well as to entertain.



“Steppes- A Ukrainian Journey” was a creation of the Ukrainian Federation of America and the Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. This program features vibrant and moving Ukrainian dances done by the internationally known Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.

Music was done by the incredible violinist Vasyl Popadiuk from Canada, and his band Papa Duke. Enchanting, whimsical, and enticing music was played to everyone’s enjoyment.