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Current issue’s contents include:
1) Міф про Шевченка
2) Сучасний Шевченко
3) Богдан Коженовський
4) Жіноче здоров’я
5) Володимир Івасюк

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Dr. Zenia Chernyk and Iryna Mazur attended a US-Ukraine Business Council reception in Washington, DC. on March 10th, 2017. There, the Ukrainian Federation of America’s representatives met with Marie L. Yovanovitch, the new US Ambassador to Ukraine.




A New Beginning, a Synergy, or Just an Inspiring Story?

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For many years, a couple of decades in fact, there has been a healthy attempt to unify the diaspora’s efforts to help Ukraine. Several committees were formed to work together for better results and for wiser utilization of always scarce resources. Clearly the efforts did not produce expected results over the years as every group strived to be recognized and credited for its work.

Whether a philosophy of the new generation, or the tragic developments in Ukraine, we now are starting to see emerging examples of coordination and collaboration of efforts.
The Ukrainian Federation of America (UFA), in conjunction with Ukrainian Catholic University is in the process of developing rehabilitation programs for wounded Ukrainian soldiers. UFA is also coordinating prosthesis training for Ukrainian experts. And now, Kyiv-Chicago Sister Cities reached out to UFA to help the Federation’s efforts to organize a PTSD clinic offering services to rehabilitate entire families of the wounded heroes. The psychologists in the “Family Circle” Clinic will evaluate children for any developmental abnormalities or delays as well as treat and manage care of children living in orphanages.

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Profile: Maksym Ilchenko, a Soldier in the Care of the Ukrainian Federation of America

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Until recently, Maksym was a young computer programmer from Kramatorsk. In August 2014, while serving as a Ukrainian Soldier in the ATO zone, he was severely wounded in the face. After exhausting treatment options in Ukraine, he was brought to the United States by the Ukrainian Federation of America. In his words, he was literally “pulled back to life” in America.

Maksym Ilchenko

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