Our Healthcare Program

When we hear of a child or adolescent who suffers a serious illness or injury, we wish we could take away the pain and make him or her “as good as new.” At UFA, we take a giant leap forward by immersing ourselves into the situation and bringing the child to the US, where he or she can receive the special treatment that is needed to become well again.

Because extreme need requires extreme and urgent measures, UFA works with government officials, doctors, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare personnel to help remedy the most serious of situations: a child in dire need of specialized medical treatment.

What We Do...

UFA’s Health Care program provides Ukrainian children with specialized medical care at some of the best facilities in the United States.

There are many complexities involved in bringing a Ukrainian child to the USA for medical treatment. Dr. Zenia Chernyk of the UFA has years of experience in working with doctors, government officials, and medical workers to bring the gift of care to children in extreme need.


Dr. Zenia Chernyk, Chair of the Healthcare Program of the Ukrainian Federation of America, led a team of Pediatric Urologists from Temple University to Western Ukraine in June 2013. The purpose of the trip was to initiate a long term cooperative relationship with the Pediatric Urologists of Liviv and surrounding communities in an effort to advance the healthcare of the region. Drs. Gregory Dean and Michael Packer were the American Pediatric Urologists accompanying Dr. Chernyk. They have previously provided Charity care to a Ukrainian child whom the Federation had transported to the United States.
medical procedure
In Lviv, Dr. Antin Kushnir provided coordination of the local medical community as a general liason. Dr. Andriy Dvorakevych led the team of Ukrainian Pediatric Urologists and Surgeons. Dean and Packer led the Ukrainian Urologists in a clinic to review difficult cases brought from throughout the region. The clinic provided an open dialogue between the American and Ukrainian physicians in effort to enhance care of the children. More than twenty children were seen. All were given a treatment plan including surgery while the team was in Lviv or scheduled for a later date in the United States.

During the mission, one dozen children were operated on by the team. The surgeries which were performed included hypospadias repair, correction of vesicoureteral reflux, varicocele repair and correction of an obstructed kidney. Several techniques were introduced to the Ukrainian physicians including advanced microscopic hypospadias repair as well as minimally invasive treatment of an obstructed ureterocele which if untreated, could be life threatening. In turn, the Ukrainian physicians demonstrated their own surgical techniques. The goal was to foster and perpetuate a long term surgical and clinical dialogue.

medical teamIn addition to direct patient care, the team also ran a formal conference with presentations and lectures in an auditorium setting. The focus of the conference was on advances in Robotic Surgery as well as the management of Pediatric Neurogenic Bladder. This conference was widely attended and provided further dialogue between the Ukrainian and American Physicians Drs. Chernyk, Dean, and Packer with Ukrainian team.

The interactions between the physicians were warm and productive throughout the visit. A need for guidance in the urologic management of spinal cord injured children became apparent. Resulting from this recognition was the development of a plan to surgically reconstruct several children in 2014 in Lviv with this difficult diagnosis to assist in their long term bladder and kidney health.


Project Lifeline is a commitment to the people of Ukraine between the Office of the First Lady of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the International Fund Ukraine 3000, and the Ukrainian Federation of America.

Project Lifeline involves a a five year commitment, covering Family Medicine and Preventative Medicine, Hospital to Hospital Professional Partnerships, and “Safe Blood Ukraine.”

The Project Executive Group includes designated representatives from the International Fund Ukraine 3000, the Ukrainian Federation of America and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The Project Working Group meets semi annually in Kyiv.

Project Lifeline relies on a teleconference education and information network that includes physicians, nurses, technologists, pharmacists, social workers, and public education professionals. It also has a professional development treatment organization that carries out project planning and management, business planning, and human resources management. We assist laboratories, clinics and hospitals with equipment maintenance, medical supplies, and the standardization of procedures and inspections, and also social service, counseling and drug rehabilitation for HIV, Hepatitis, TB, Hemophilia, Leukemia and other malignancies.

Epidemiology efforts include screening, genetic testing, database management, and disease tracking (funded by U.S. DoD). Preparedness is another key to the project, including attention to first responders, roads, transport vehicles, equipment, and training.

Associated groups include:

  • The American International Health Alliance
  • Safe Blood International
  • The World Hemophilia Foundation
  • The World AIDS Foundation
  • The Adolescent HIV/AIDS Unit of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Professional Care Options (develops educational internet and teleconferencing programs for physicians and other health professionals)
  • The World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Associations
  • Global Aid Access
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Novartis
  • Baxter Healthcare
  • Federal Public Health Laboratories
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • and many other institutions, foundations and individuals

Project Lifeline is a comprehensive effort to help the people of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Federation of America is proud to be a partner.


In 2008-2009, UFA’s Health Care program initiated the “Nasha Rodyna” or “Our Family” project. “Nasha Rodyna” addresses the needs of patients afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis and their overburdened families. Our goal is to address the following issues:

  • To enable Ukraine to be connected with the MS International Federation. This cooperative effort will strengthen our ability to move forward to fight MS on a global scale
  • Organizing customized wheelchairs for patients with specific individual needs
  • Acquire hospital beds for patients with 2nd and 3rd degree disability
  • Aiding the financing of hospital supplies for patients that include bed linens, blankets and the necessary toiletries
  • Develop and implement training programs for the care of MS patients
  • Assign social workers to families with MS patients, who will provide information on rehab programs treatment, and other available options of resolving complicated situations in the most comfortable way
  • Work toward the establishment of a research center specializing in the MS field
  • Organizing and financing of summer camps for children of MS patients and children that have been diagnosed with MS

You can support this project by making a PayPal donation to the UFA
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